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Welcome to Monster Squad - the epitome of exclusivity and unparalleled benefits nestled within the esteemed MultiversX NFT ecosystem. We are not just a community but a sanctuary for the like-minded to explore, share, and grow securely.

Uniting Diverse Talents

At Monster Squad, each member is a beacon of unique prowess, illuminating our collective existence. We thrive on mutual respect, support, and encouragement, weaving a tapestry where every voice resonates, and every idea is a cherished gem. Here, diversity isn’t just welcomed; it’s celebrated, and in this harmonious confluence of talents, we scale uncharted peaks of achievement.

Mission and Vision

In the dynamic realm of Monster Squad, we aren’t just creating a community; we are forging a legacy. With a mission rooted in unison and a vision that transcends the ordinary, we are the vanguard of the MultiversX ecosystem - a force that embodies exclusivity, power, and uniqueness.

Partnerships by Invitation

Join us by invitation and immerse in an exclusive world where projects bloom through connection and collaboration. Every partnership is a testament to our shared ethos, meticulously curated and endorsed by our board members. Here, your projects don’t just thrive; they transcend, bolstered by the collective brilliance of our members.


Step into a world of privilege with the Monster Bone Medallion NFT - your gateway to a haven where investors, VC’s, builders, and influencers converge. Inspired by influential investment DAOs, Monster Squad transcends boundaries, epitomizing the zenith of cross-chain adoption.

Unparalleled Perks

As a member, immerse in a plethora of benefits - from weekly raffles and promotions to unprecedented access to the MultiversX ecosystem’s whales and builders. Here, every interaction is an opportunity, and every collaboration, a step towards collective ascendance.

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Monster Squad Team

Supreme Monster
as Darksur


Supreme Monster
as Larisa

Art Director

Super Monster
as DirtyDale69


Supreme Monster
as Priordaniel


Supreme Monster
as Johnny MultiversX


Supreme Monster
as Firehawk

Head developer